Tennessee Rep’s 25th Anniversary Season!

A little Sweeney blast

A little Sweeney blast

After a very exciting, challenging, and rewarding 2008-2009 season, TN Rep is gearing up for its 25th Anniversary Season with three awesome shows from its past and a Christmas special production that promises to be awe-inspiring (after all, I’m in it!). In order to celebrate the Rep’s rich history, Artistic Director Rene Copeland looked back through the Rep’s history to find some of the best, most enriching, and, yes, most popular productions to bring back. So we’ve got Steel Magnolias, Proof, and Big River–along with an exciting, very theatrical take on the holiday classic,  A Christmas Story. But we’re kicking the season off with Steel Magnolias, featuring some very familiar faces from TN Rep’s past. The cast includes Martha Wilkinson, Denice Hicks, Ruth Cordell, Brooke Bryant, and two actress who make this a very special happening indeed.
A very familiar face from TN Rep’s recent past is Marin Miller, who appeared in such shows as Oleanna, Speed the Plow, and The Underpants, just to name a few. Marin is the daughter of Mary Jane Harvill, an integral part of the Rep’s founding and early years. Mary Jane and Marin are appearing onstage together for the first time to play mother and daughter, M’Lynn and Shelby. I am honored to have been invited into the rehearsal hall with these amazing women (Rene, amazing in her own right, is directing). Rehearsals start on Monday, September 14th–I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the fun!

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