Ho, Ho, Ho!

Well, first off we had a great time with Moonlight & Magnolias. It was great getting to know Shane Bridges who worked with the Rep for the first time as the esteemed film producer, David O Selznick. And returning were Rep vets Evelyn Blythe, Pete Vann, and Eric Pasto-Crosby. It was a very fun farce with lots of falling down, slapping, flipping over couches, and debates about racial pride and discrimination. Next in our season….”Wait, a second!” you say? A farce that dares touch on serious issues?!? Yup. It turns out that Moonlight & Magnolias wanted to be more than just a door slamming farce (I mean, come on, only two doors in a farce!?). And actually, if people had anything negative to say about the production it was that some thought the script tried to delve into areas not usually seen in a farce. But audiences had a blast and we were quite proud of it.

And now, we’re off to….


 Yup, Matt Chiorini is back in The Santaland Diaries. We’re actually into our 2nd of 4 weeks. It’s been very, very fun. We had a short rehearsal process because Matt and David Alford (the director this time and three years ago when they did it before) were back. I, however, wasn’t here when they did it, so I had to get caught up as we went. We also worked with a new lighting designer for the Rep, Barry Steele, who was quite wonderful and added some lovely touches to this irreverent Christmas tale. Audience and critical responses have been extremely positive. The base material from David Sadaris is so well-crafted and funny, and when you add Matt’s sharp, well-honed improvisations (read: screwing with) with the audience, it makes for a very fun night. After this run, we break for the holidays and then back with a modern masterpiece, Glengarry Glen Ross. Until then…


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