Crucible playlist contest!

cruc2.gifOK, all–now to have a little fun!  For those of you who don’t know, for each rehearsal period Tennessee Rep holds a LookIn.  The LookIn for The Crucible is Tuesday, September 18, 5:30pm-6:30pm.  These are held at our rehearsal space in the NPT building at 161 Rains Ave. and are free to the public (there’s even complimentary food and beverages!).  After widespread grazing, the director and designers talk a little about their thoughts regarding the show and then the cast presents a small scene from The Crucible.   It’s quite fun, so come check it out.

Now for the contest!  Before and after the presentation/scene (while everyone’s milling around and eating), I always play tunes from my iPod on a portable iPod playing thingee (aren’t you impressed by my technological savvy?).  This year I’m doing the same, but to make it more fun, I’m going to use a playlist of songs based on each individual show.  And you’re going to help me pick the songs.  Leave your comments to this post with ideas for songs that would be appropriate for The Crucible.  You can go funny (think “Black Magic Woman,” Salem witch trials, teenage vixen) or you can go serious (based on the play’s themes–Puritanical society, honor/goodness-and the loss and renewal of same, etc.).  I’ll post the final playlist (I’ll be keeping it to 10 songs, so make the suggestions good!), but you should plan on coming by on the 18th to hear it yourself!



  1. “March of the Witch Hunters” by Stephen Schwartz from Wicked!

  2. Teach your children Well

    Season of the Witch

    Witchy Woman

    You were always on my mind

    Trouble (Music Man)

    The Great Pretender

    You ought to know (A. Morrisette)


    Dancing in the Moonlight

    Everybody must get Stoned

    Your Cheatin’ Heart

    Stand by your Man

    Please release Me

  3. Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac
    That Old Black Magic by Harold Arlen
    Best of You by Foo Fighters
    Helena by Nickel Creek (more for theme than the name…)
    There are lots of great suggestions above!

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